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This story was co-written by me and sacrificedangel. She is known for her romantic stories, but has a different side when they reveal her nervousness.

The story is long and character-driven. But the action is hot and horny.

We hope that you enjoy - comments welcome i>


"Just one more month ... one month to Uni ... one month. You can put this place for the next one month, his eight grand! It is worth Uni two years."

I repeated the mantra over and over again, when I worked for my dining room floor to a high gloss or "Shinin 'until I can eat off o'it" as Mr. Barton had so eloquently put it. Komorník clearly had a thing for two maids at the hands of a knees with our butts in the air and probably thinking about us polishing something much different than those damned floor.

One more month ...

This afternoon, Earl returns from holiday somewhere exotic and I could not help but wonder if he knows what Mr. Barton got up he was gone. Help the fresh game, which arrived on the island estate of Count earlier in the month, kitchen parties almost every night, where he and his friends sat in a sample collection of wines abound and love torturing us in the passage with the wandering hands and lewd remarks. I looked at Alice, who is currently muttering every curse she learned English in her dainty French accent, and I knew that the girl will speak most rapidly Earl today. Most likely not before he got through the door.

Like me, Alice never met Earl, both of us, he started at the beginning of the summer holidays. The housekeeper, Marie, still managed to well and truly relaxing stay in this matter, engulfing the man in the abstract mystery that remains is family portraits, no indication that the man in charge. His portrait gave me just fine, although I found myself looking at it often in their daily work. Stern and foreboding, just as Earl may be the canvas, the only thing that caught the painter that he look remotely alive and not of stone, was his eyes.

I swept the polishing cloth on the outer edges of the rails dining room, admiring the dark wood and how it shone in the midday light when Mary appeared next to me quietly and gave me a start. Smart black shoes gleamed next to his knees almost as much as the polished floor, he approached us. As I stood there, I felt embarrassed disheveled. Mary, as always, it seemed immaculate order cakes from her pretty face and on her fingertips, dressed in an elegant cut jacket and skirt that accented her soft curves and impressive cleavage. For a woman in her early fifties, it was fair to say that it is amazing, if only just to smile. It's safe to say I did not like her very much. Her stern face seemed to be a feature that would be more appropriate times, rather than the present.

"Come up both of you." She commanded. Her deep-voiced command sent an involuntary shiver up my spine when I went to her with Alice for me. Waiting for her as she unlocked the sewing room, Mary cast smirked looking back at us before opening the door and let us inside.

"When Earl's residence, is a different size to wear." She began her stern voice, eyes us the courage to resist it. "There will be no arguments. Both are contracted for the full three months to get the full payment at the end of the stay."

I nodded, until she handed me a small black and white molded package.

"Christ, Mary, you can not be serious?" Alice asked, shock showing on both our faces were ragingly evident in her question.

"Both of you have signed a contract ..."

"Yes, but not to dress like sluts!"

"You agreed to any uniform Alice, this is the uniform worn when in residence. If you go against your contract, you will come to court and Alice, which will be au revoir visa, and Kat, bye bye University. You wear it, What is in your bundles, and nothing else. "

She was with us. A smirking bitch knew it.

I said nothing. I could not find my damn tongue, it turned to ashes in my mouth when we were released and I went to my room quietly, Alice continued to rage next to each other on their own. Entering my little room, I stood at the window looking out over our "new" uniform, and gasping for breath ... not much to look again. The uniform was a standard black, rather softer material than our usual starched uniforms; low square neckline ... fuck fuck very low square neckline. Jesus, I'd be lucky if I covered my breasts!

"You will wear what is in your bundles, and nothing else."


He quickly stripped to bare skin, I pulled out my uniform over my head and my body turned to look in the mirror ... long bare legs looked back at me, her legs that carried on the up and up, where in the past the normal uniform would end them with their sharp black lines, the shirt of new clothes flittered lightly on the tops of my thighs, bare four inches from my pussy. I turned back to volume before further examine themselves in the hope that this uniform was some over-jacket of some sort, that there was fuller skirts, shift, pants-a-fucking-nilly, or something I missed.

It was not. The rest of the small volume before me contained a pair of snow-white stockings, lace embroidered edges to self-hold up ... a few positively indecent lace panties, Christ, not even panties! Possession is so I could see properly, I was shocked and amazed at the intricate lace. Barely there and crotch less. I wonder what Alice would think of them, but did not have to wait long before I heard the explosion magnificent proportions coming from her room next door.

I almost laughed. Almost.

Still trying to look at myself in the mirror, I pulled the stockings over her legs to make sure that it remains up to the thighs ... Mary apparently knew our measurements before I moved to move the crotch-less panties, capable Stop the rush of humiliation from creeping into my face when we were looking, and before this perv Mr. Barton too. I blushed more when I felt the edge of the lace movement against my naked pussy, slightly scratchy material pressing on the edges of my lips.

I turned to look at the image in the mirror I did, eventually with a uniform inside Long legs of my black work heels, dressed in snow-white achievement inch white collar around the base of a flowing skirt; bodice was shaped ends just below my breasts, apparently to my breasts pushed up and over. The low square neckline lace was too black uniform end under my 38 D's, and only lace that support them, my nipples seen around the world as the material rubbed against them.

The single went over the shoulders, but not my upper back, which was stripped to the edges of the shaped bodice, a material that lay over his shoulder at the line down my side to join the bodice, small puffs of lace sprouting from the edges of my shirt.

Pulling items from the last volume, apron so small that it was completely unnecessary, I tied it anyway. I needed this job, I needed to eight thousand. My course was not cheap, and the price varies so much from my mother as possible was a steep one. I worked hard over the last two years when I left high school, slowly squirreling away income every month until the balance is still healthy soon become a thing that restored my confidence. As my acceptance letter from Oxford and highly recommended English Department has increased tenfold that. Now, her words and insults have stung so much.

I repeated the mantra I again I looked in the mirror, turning in every direction before finally dared to bend. I was shocked. My hands braced on the bed as I imagined I was cleaning the table; I looked at my reflection and took a deep shuddering breath. My ass was showing up, the atmosphere on riding skirt, exposing his pale cheeks lightly clouded almost non-existent underwear. But that was not what shocked me. The glistening lips of my pussy, surrounded by familiar of lace, were prominent, strong seams on the wedge friction deliciously against my clit when I moved, and my shock was that me wet. Very sight of me, was that I was wet.

Clash Alice tantrum next door woke me from my trance, as well as my fingers moved to touch the swollen pink lips, and I stood tall, as Mary entered the room with Mr. Barton find the source of the noise. It is clear that the content was not me, Mary left and went to another room, so Mr. Barton stands in my doorway, his yellowed tongue flicking out grotesquely licking his lips as he ran his palm flat over a fast camping unconcealed his single Black Butler is.

After a few minutes, the stern voice of Mary Alice's mood calmed down and became a moderate, even though I could still hear through the thin walls of what was said.

"I'm bringing it to count. Je ne suis pas Heureux!"

"You can talk to him when he returns, but for now, get dressed!" Mary was furious, her pale face shows a surge of anger when she returned to her room.

"Very good, Miss Soren. Go down and scrub the lobby. This must be spotless for Earl's return."

I had hesitated a second too long, because it is a step closer, trying to make herself look larger and more threatening.

"You have a problem too Miss Soren?"

"No, Mary." I lied, the fact that Mr. Barton was still in his room, still rubbing his hand over the other, is the main factor that I kept a secret express their concerns about the clothes. Except ... One month to the University of ... Eight Grand ...

I did not take this job for nothing.

"Okay, so think about your tasks."

I began to step out of the room, still furious Alice heard muttering in French from his room next to me when I tried to go sideways around Mr. Barton through the narrow door, the poor creature decisive rub against my nearly exposed ass in the process. He rushes out of the room, I practically ran down to get my cleaning basket and hoped that Alice is still a lot of work for me until the end, without the testimony of Mr. Barton's ass in the air, my naked core to the display. Hearing Alice starts to squeal, I knew that I was fine. I could literally hear her getting dressed in uniform, Mary heard blasting at her to stop it moving, otherwise it will destroy the stockings; and when she finally walked down the red faces and furious, I finished my task.

"Put down dinner platters. Earl will be home soon, you will want dinner are served immediately. Has two friends coming to dinner. So make sure you set a lot of what Mrs Hiddleton cooked."

"Yes, Mary." I said quietly, even when I quietly seethed. One month. I was not one to let his temper show, and I thought I did pretty well considering these new circumstances. Alice, however, was the opposite, and I can tell from the chin and her attitude, she was about to lose the beautiful "Alice" fashion. He nudged her discretion to divert her attention from her anger, she finally replied Mary, even if through gritted teeth, before he turned and made his way over to hold a grand.

"C'est unbearable!" Alice hissed when we closed the kitchen door behind us, blocking us in the semi-privacy, as we are putting on gloves for food processing.

"I know, but we signed Alice, and I for one must be the damn money for tuition." I hissed back. I immediately regretted his unusually harsh tone when I caught Alice's shocked expression, but denied that feeling when he opened his mouth again and became almost shrill.

"You're really going ahead with wearing this bloody awful uniform? Il est barbarian!"

"It's just a uniform." I squirmed, feeling the seam lace torturously rubbing against my clit again Alice stared at me, one perfectly plucked eyebrows. "Oh all-fucking-right, I'm excited, but I need the money."

"I will speak with the count today, I did not wear clothes as a French maid."

"You're a french maid." I joked lightly. This evening is slowly becoming depressing with Alice in a bad mood.

"Bitch". Alice hit his hand hard, shhing me when we both heard the door open. "Merde, quickly, we have these plates on the table in front of the Barton-pig them pass!"

I hurried to put different items together, trying to make it look as perfect as possible before quickly that it displaying it on the table and rushes out before the Count and his friends to enter the hall and catch a glimpse of my white ass flee. Maybe I accepted the fact that I have to wear a uniform completely immoral, but I'd be damned if I was just a little shy about having so much flesh on display. Holding the door open for Alice, stretched as they went to sit down on their first course.

"Shhh!" Alice whispered as we moved to catch a look at the man entering the hall. "They are quite nice is not it?"

I was speechless, they were quite nice. Three of them were tall, two, sitting in smaller seats at the table were blond, well built, and quite possibly brothers, appeared to be in their thirties, a man who sat in the seat of the Earl end of the table was a little older, maybe mid to late thirties, and had the blackest hair; he was tall, well built, though a bit slimmer than the other two. It should be that the image is destroyed - this man is not justice at all. The strong jaw, and big hands, and all dressed as lords and earls were usually in their best Armani suits ... and when to laugh with each other, their eyes turned cold, the mouth set in a grim line whenever Mary and Mr. Barton drew too close to the table.

"You're really going to talk to him?" I asked if the Earl scowl could flay the flesh from the bones.

"Yes, I'll talk to him tonight."

Brave, or incredibly stupid. I thought.

The bell rang for the next course and I took a deep breath, carrying a tray as trained to the table of men. When their eyes snapped up at our approach, I felt my embarrassment me again rose from my toes to my scalp, they blatantly male control palpable, as I moved left and went around the front of the table to place their plates as Alice gathered its dirty ones. I knew it was not the standard way to deliver food, technically I should be placing before them more than their right shoulders ... but the thought of my bare pussy that close to someone, which would be close enough to reach, see and make me smell just did not like.

Taking the lesser of two evils, I placed it in front of men, beginning with guests such as training, very aware of their reading over my breasts very revealing lace; increases my breasts threatening to spill from his half-arsed restricts my nipples swollen and protruding almost painfully against the lace as it rubbed and stroked it into sharp points, sending intense heat and tingling through my skin. Yes, I'm sure glad I chose this direction. Right now lace between my thighs tortured me, and I felt my lips smooth and warm with every move made my thighs.

Location on the last album from the count, I hesitated and pointed to her glass.

"Fill it."

Taking the decanter holding red wine, I leaned forward and focus on the task and I prayed to spill anything on the pristine white cloth; My hands held tightly to my sides, unfortunately pushes my boobs together even more when I started to flow. I felt something and shuddered to imagine things must be ... at least until I felt it again, cold, hard and pushing hard against my pussy lips. FUCK. I jumped up, knocking over a glass cloth as a hard head took advantage of my spring and molded just me. He scrambled quickly away from the intrusion, I moved to my ancestor faced men, shocked to find the last man blonde licking a rounded brass cane tip, which was currently glistening with my juices. I turned back to the count that expression was one of barely controlled rage.

"Clean that up now."

Jesus, his voice cold to me. Laced with authority, threat, deep timbre echoed down the corridor to the roof, as I gave my order. Jumping out of my trance shocked, I took a white towel on my shoulder and began to suck spilled wine apologize.

"No, I do." Earl growled and pulled his towel from me and threw it carelessly on carefully polished floor. "Use your tongue."

He stared at the spot, I was sure I heard it right, and did not move; it fell to the table and hit me hard.


Blinking tears from his stab wound, I leaned over the table cloth and washed wine with my tongue, taking him into her mouth and hate the taste. I could never understand some people's obsession with wine, it all tasted like different versions of vinegar with me. He leaned further forward, I moved the table flowers from my trip, as I continued to deal with the spillage, my tongue flicking out over a fast drying pink spots, as his eyes never left mine. His control was intense, dark eyes set in a strong face, his black hair shows only the slightest hint of gray come in small springs, as it lay around the collar, on the elbow bent and resting on the arm of the chair watching me watching him.

I have not heard a chair move. I did not see anything other than pink liquid before him, and Earl in front of me, with a focus on praying lace managed to keep their breasts inside my thighs back against the edge of the table now, my body is hovering just inches above the wet cloth as I reached the last of the wine . I did not even hear abandon their posts.

Suddenly I saw Earl movement, hands rushing out and grabbing my own, took it from me and I fall to the table hard when broke out in front of me, his eyes focused on the back, now visible through my ass as I felt solid a cool head brass cane again, fiddling through my pussy lips, nudging them apart when I shook.

"Please stop! Please, no, no ..." I squeaked and shook my core, how hard the slap of a hand came down sharply blonde ass. I felt the hard head nudge the ball harder, slipping in my juices, before starting to enter my pussy, slowly and determined, even if I renewed my fight, I felt my lips to the way crotch-less panties, swollen and wet from playing lace against my intimate skin-friction seam on my clitoris for the last three hours. FUCK, I felt my pussy get something around the ball as you put the light stuck and growled when he could not get away.

"Fuck that bitch is tight."

I felt like shouting, "Of course I fucking tight, I did not have anything wider than my finger to catch me!" but I did not because the blonde remove the ball with a sharp tug and shoved two fingers roughly into me.

"You have a little virgin Bastian here." The man laughed darkly, his fingers still play in my pussy wet and I search, I felt his long fingers probe painfully against my hymen, and cursed my body respond to their abuse. Some things might be a lie, I did not want to do it, I was ashamed to be trapped in front of these people, I was annoyed to be abused brass head cane, a stranger's fingers ... but my body will not lie to my ... body wanted to move deeper and fill me, my pussy wanted to shove my virginity to sate sticks and twisting pain that grows in the belly of the one I had put on those damned crotch-less panties.

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